Career Options for Engineering Students in India

career options for engineering students

 Feb 12 2017 @1:30 PM

Article By- Jagriti P.

In our country most kids aspire to be an Engineer or Doctor. However, after completing their engineering graduation degree they are not sure about their career path anymore. In today’s world its cut throat competition out there, thousands of students are getting their engineering degrees. Where to go from there? Very few students have a clear view. To help choose a right career path, and help making decision easy, we are offering some extremely useful career options for such students.

Web Designing Vs. Web Development : The Difference

difference between web design and web development

 Dec 12 2016 @12:30 PM

Article By- Jagriti P.

A company or organization has decided to build their website, so they will need a web developer to make sure they are using advanced technology with all the technical experience. Now talk about web designer, why they need web designer? Is web developer and web designer are the same or different? How you can define yourself a web developer?

How to Prepare for On Campus Job Interview

How to Prepare for On-Campus Job Interview

 Sep 11 2016 @3:00 PM

Article By- Jagriti P.

On Campus job offer is a dream come true for any student who has studied so hard all those years. You started aiming for a great college, you went through the rigorous process of Entrance exams and Counselling. You also have put endless hours in making sure that your academic grades are shining and then there comes the time for on Campus interview. This is your chance to make the very first move into the corporate world and make yourself, friends and family proud.

How Yoga Can Relax Stress from Your Life

yoga for students

 Jan 23, 2016 @ 1:30 PM

Article By- Mamta T.

Today’s youth face numerous stress, growing up in a globalized world, surrounded by electronic media and confronted with pressures from school and increased competition in multiple aspects of life. Tools like yoga postures, breathing and deep relaxation techniques reduce stress and increases mental and physical vitality.